Through Boundaries

Innovation is at the core of our origin. Innovation for a versatile, diverse and “all-adaptive” service.  Innovation to deliver services tailored for Industrial Shipping. Innovation to transform coastal shipping through our integrated cross-geographic maritime network.

It is not the supply chain on which our trade and identity relies on. It’s our value chain which enables us to deliver service excellence and manifest our proposition. Versatility and Diversity are what defines and are at the essence of PNN’s Value Chain. Incorporating versatility and diversity within service in every different stage of our overall value chain enables us to deliver service excellence. 

We are PNN Shipping Lines. We deliver Cargo and Excellence. 

Our Strengths

We pioneered
Service Innovation
in Coastal Shipping

Versatile Fleet

Containers, Bulk, Break Bulk, Project Cargo across inland, coastal, international ports: We ship almost any cargo, to anywhere. 

Across any Geography

Our operational network extends from Inland through Coastal to Ocean, forming the vital chain of trade between global and local markets. 

Excellence in Bulk Shipping

Excellent channel management across ports and strategic vessel navigation and management empowers us deliver an unmatched bulk shipping service. 

Integrated Cross-Geographic Network

We ship any cargo, across all river ports within Bangladesh.

We heavily ply within coastal routes and have long been supporting industries and traders with our reliable and versatile service.

With our core values, and because of our vision, we are constantly working to transform the Coastal Shipping Industry to eventually leverage its immense economic and trade development opportunities that lie ahead. 

We ship cargoes and freight to and from Asian networks.

Together for a Change: Our Stakeholders